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The swimming pool complex on the 3rd floor of Hotel Vita includes a sauna complex with attractive steam and Finnish saunas and additional Kneipp programme services.

Getting close to the tradition of relaxation and body cleansing in our land of peace, refreshment and relaxation will have the same beneficial effect on you as the energy of positive crystals. A selection of crystals after which our saunas are named, represent a short introduction into the crystal land of minerals hidden in the earth.  

  • Description
  • Steam sauna
  • Finnish sauna
  • Infrared sauna
  • Price list
  • The health benefits of a sauna

Our sauna complex includes

  • 1. Finnish sauna with crystal therapy
  • 2. Finnish sauna with chromotherapy
  • 3. Steam sauna with salt
  • 4. Steam sauna
  • 5. Infra cabin
  • 6. Ice cave
  • 7. Finnish sauna – cottage
  • 8. Fresh air centre
  • 9. Classic showers
  • 10. Massage pool
  • 11. Yin Yang fountain
  • 12. Cooling pool
  • 13. Kneipp surprise showers
  • 14. Kneip basins
  • 15. Warm-cold Kneipp path
  • 16. Rest area
  • 17. Drinking water fountain
  • 18. Half-sitting heated bench
  • 19. Massage
  • 20. Vitamin bar
  • 21. Outdoor terrace
Steam sauna

The air temperature moves from 40 to 50°C, humidity up to 100%. Clouds of steam are created, and the steam penetrates deep into the skin leaving it soft and smooth.  After visiting the sauna, we recommend a cold shower that increases freshness, while the body continuous to be invigorated. Pipes with water are placed in the steam saunas  for washing benches, and cooling our feet, hands, and face. The source of the steam sauna comes from the Turkish baths (Hamam), where in the past it was the centre of Turkish everyday life. For Turks the baths were more than just an area to clean oneself, this was an area where people of all statuses met and felt freer.

The steam bath is recommended for:

  • relieving respiratory problems
  • relieving problems with skin (not inflammatory) and scalp
  • relieving allergy problems
  • strengthening and encouraging the immune system
  • expediting tension and stress
  • accelerating blood floe and better circulation
  • easing heart illnesses (artemia, slightly heightened blood pressure)
  • vein illnesses

Steam sauna - opal

It balances the workings of all chakras. It protects and gives power to the just. It is used for opening the third eye (yet we should be careful in its use as it is a very powerful stone that can release forceful reactions: turbulent sentiment, unusual events and situations…).
Temperature 45°C, humidity 70% fruit aromas, stone benches, and bunks.

Steam sauna - emerald

It works well on eyesight and the whole area of the heart chakra. It lowers blood pressure and soothes the nervous system. It is used for flu asthma and all respiratory diseases. It soothes burns and irritated skin, heals childhood diseases and regulates digestion. We use it against childbirth pain. It brings harmony into relationships, it helps conquer insomnia and depression, it encourages expressing oneself. It develops higher energy levels and neutralises radiation.

Temperature 48°C, humidity 80% , herbal aromas, seats in tiers.

Turška savna

Finnish sauna

The temperatures move from 80 to 100°C, humidity between 25 and 35%, the air is dry. We can tolerate high temperatures because our body exhales sweat and with it cools the surface of our skin. The heated air releases the tension in our muscles and induces abundant sweating that cleans the body. It is highly recommended that after sitting in a sauna one goes for a quick cold shower.

Finnish sauna with crystal therapy - amethyst

It strengthens the immunity system and the whole organism, it helps with anaemia, and it balances the blood sugar, works beneficially on the heart, nervous system, and muscle tissue. It protects from damaging radiation and external physiological pressures, it stimulates intuition, invigorates memory, and liberates fear.
Temperature 75°C; at least 15% humidity
In the shine of red light, with a red stone (amethyst) above the stove.

Crystal therapy

It is knowledge on the force and health effects of precious and semiprecious stones and crystals. It is a knowledge described in the Indian Veda’s, with ancient Egyptians, and in 8th century Europe the holy Hildegard studied it. In today’s time, healing with crystals is again practised. Each crystal, due to its specific arrangement of atoms in its crystal net, has a specific oscillating frequency. It can have a beneficial influence on our energetic body, or on our energy centres – our chakras, and on creating bio-energy. Stone and crystals can successfully help deal with different illnesses, and even help people that do not believe in their power, as well as animals and plants. Of course, crystals cannot replace doctors, but they indubitably help in healing. They work on all levels, spiritual, physical, and physiological.

Finnish sauna with chromotherapy - diamond

From times past, we have believed that it has a force that protects us from negative energy. We use it for all problems and illnesses, but it is a very powerful stone.  If you are anxious or under stress, choose rather a stone that acts more soothing. In combination with other stones, it accumulates their power and so increases it.  Above all, we use it when we wish to increase our force or collect a lot of energy and to properly direct it.  
Temperature 90°C, humidity 10 – 15%
With lights for chromotherapy placed above the benches

Chromotherapy : is a treatment that uses the changes in the colour of light for the purpose of creating healing and beneficial effects on the body and soul. How? Light, which enters the eye, is intercepted by the receptors in the eye retina, which then transmit the information to the brain. This stimulates defined neurotransmitters, substances used by the brain cells (neurons) to mutual communication. Electrical impulses emitted by the neurons are received by the hypophysis in the base of the brain; it changes them into hormones and sends them to every organ in the body. The light especially influences the production of melatonin, prolactin, and testosterone. Exposure to a suitable light source influences defined functions of glands with internal secretion and brings about secretion (or a reduction in secretion) of hormones.  Normal medicine acknowledges the therapeutic effect of white and coloured light.

Finnish sauna - amber

It helps with lung problems, asthma, hearing, it balances the kidney and bladder action, stimulates the metabolism and the thyroid gland, soothes viral infections and inflammations, increases life force, strengthens determination and memory.
Temperature min.100°C, humidity 15 to 20%
The sauna is composed of two areas:
- The first area is equipped with a shower and buckets for pouring with cold water, and bunches of tree boughs soaked in water
- The second area is the proper Finnish sauna with benches in two rows with an open stove that heats the air up to 100°C

External finnish sauna - log cabin

Sauna method: The sauna master (or another person) at first prepares a liquid in a small pot (circa 1 litre), and pours the liquid on the stove stones. Thereupon the master prepares the whipping boughs, soaks a bunch of the boughs in water, and then brings the properly soaked and moistened boughs into the sauna area. Once stretched out on your belly on the upper bench, the master proceeds to gently whip your shoulders, slowly moving downwards towards your feet (or vice versa). This process is repeated at least three times with the boughs additionally soaked if necessary. You then turn to lie on your back and the process is repeated everywhere on the front part of your body with the exception of the head. After three repetitions on the frontal part of your body, you may arise, and covered in your towel move to the first area.  Here you are soaked with cold water from a bucket or shower, firstly along your back and then the front part of your body. Once more wrapped in your towel you may got to the terrace, breathing spot, resting spot or the vitamin bar. You may sit on a bench or lie down in the day area and rest. Many people prefer to cool down after the sauna in the open

Finska savna

Infrared sauna

The heaters from the infrared sauna emit an energy that penetrates 4 cm into the body tissue. The radiating wavelength is adapted to the body radiation, which is why the body absorbs nearly 93% of its rays. The energy from the infrared sauna is 2 to 3 times more effective than that ain the Finnish sauna, as it operates at a much lower temperature, 50 to 60°C. The lower temperature is essentially much safer for people with cardiovascular problems, for which the Finnish sauna is not recommended, and it is much more pleasant to breathe air with a lower temperature.
Interesting effects of the infrared sauna:

  • slimming
  • beauty and health effects on the skin
  • anti-cellulite effect
  • pain relieve
  • faster rehabilitation after injuries

Infrared sauna - ruby

It is successful in treating anaemia, high blood pressure, and heart and vein illnesses. It helps with overweight problems, stimulates the metabolism, digestion, and the thymus gland, it heals the spleen and eyes, strengthens the immune system, and heals infections.  It calms anger, stimulates joy and cheerfulness, invigorates self-confidence, stimulates nimbleness and memory, and balances frequent mood swings. It helps with insomnia and nightmares. It strengthens intuition and raises the energetic level – however we should be cautious in its use. It is a very strong stone, and it is not recommended for very young people or children.
Temperature 50°C, humidity 15%
It causes overheating within the body, even though the space is not hot.

Finska savna

Price list
Daily ticket 29,00 €
3 hour ticket 22,00 €
Monthly ticket 280,00 €
Yearly ticket 950,00 €

Meals are available at the Hotel Vita Restaurant (self-service buffet):

  • supplement for lunch (self-service, 12.00 – 14.00), 13,00 €
  • supplement for dinner (self-service, 18.00 – 20.00), 13,00 €

General – swimming pools and Sauna land

Extending time limit swimming (for every additional hour) 4,00 €
Extending time limit sauna use (for every additional hour) 5,00 €
Wristband loss 45,00 €
Towel rent 5,00 €
Bathrobe rent 10,00 €
Deposit 5,00 €
Wristband loss 50,00 €



  • Entrance to the sauna allows the free use of swimming pool at the Hotel Vita,
  • At 3 hours ticket is allowed only 1 entrance to the Sauna land and swimming pool,
  • At daily ticket is transition between sauna and swimming pool unlimited,
  • in sauna it is not allowed to wear swim suit,
  • deck chairs cannot be reserved,
  • admission to the central area is allowed only with clean pool footwear,
  • being barefoot in saunas is obligatory,
  • children up to 13  years old – entry to the sauna is not allowed,
  • children between 14 and 16 years can enter to the sauna only accompanied by parents or trustees at their full responsibility.

Price list is valid from 07.01.2019. Prices are in EUR and include V.A.T.  We reserve the right to change the prices, the terms of payment and printing errors.  


The health benefits of a sauna

The use of a sauna has been known as one of the most healing and pleasant types of relaxation for a long time. Regular use of the sauna (at least twice a week) shows positive effects on both the physical and mental state of the user.

The highest value of the old Finnish invention is wellbeing and relaxation. In the olden days, people were much more exposed to weather changes. They were used to them and needed them to feel good. Saunas today help relieve stress due to the weather in a much more pleasant way. Perhaps this is the reason why a sauna makes us feel so good and helps us to mentally relax. It takes time to achieve the desired effect. We must set aside all our worries and experience our emotions.

The use of a sauna includes two equally important activities; which are body heating and thorough cooling. Together, they create a beneficial emotion. When the skin warms up, the blood vessels dilate. Cooling, on the other hand, is a shock to the blood vessels and the skin temperature receptors, but we don’t experience any discomfort from the temperature differences. On the contrary, those who use a sauna regularly like the very thought of the comfort experienced due to the temperature differences. Vascular smooth muscles actively contract during the sudden short-term cold; therefore we don’t feel the cold in the period of calming down. Besides physical activity, the use of a sauna has a positive effect on the ageing process of the blood vessels and strengthening the cardiovascular system. Transitioning from a hot environment to a cold one is training for the muscles. For an optimal circulation the body also needs regular physical effort (sports activities) as well as exposure to temperature differences.

When the body overheats, it starts to sweat and eliminate harmful and useless products. Perspiration is a consequence of an accelerated circulation and it is an extremely beneficial and effective physical reaction. It is the best way to eliminate sweat, cleanse the sweat glands and accelerate skin regeneration and cleansing. After a sauna, the skin becomes smooth. Heat accelerates circulation, which helps to relax tension in the muscles.

The effects of using a sauna are shown in an improved immune system. Regular use helps prevent viruses and bacterial infections and accelerates the lymphatic circulation. The correct use of a sauna will leave you feeling better as well as sleeping better.

People want to know how long they should stay in a sauna to achieve the optimum result. The time is not determined and it depends on each individual. But there is a rule that we will avoid health problems and achieve positive results if we adjust the tempo and intensity of the temperature changes to our inner feelings.