Termalna voda

Thermal water


The ancient Celts and Romans already knew the warm spring water in Dobrna. In the year 1403, the water was used the first time for health purposes. Since the year 1542, the thermal water in Dobrna is
known as an ideal means in treating gynaecological and urological illnesses, rheumatic, and illnesses similar to rheumatism, for healing diseases and motor system injuries.

The alkaline thermal water with a temperature at the source of around 35 to 36,5 °C, and contains adequate amounts of calcium, magnesium, and hydrogen carbonate is the main healing factor in the Dobrna spa. Due to the calcium ions the water contains, the Dobrna thermal water acts as anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergy with all chronic inflammation of the digestion and urinary organs. It as well accelerates the purging of water from the body. Indirectly it helps in discharging kidney  stones and gallstones from the body.

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia recognized thermal water as natural healing factor at Dobrna spa.

Composition of thermal water:

Component g/l
Lithium 0,000005
Sodium 0,00393
Magnesium 0,021
Aluminium 0,000014
Zinc 0,000034
Nitrate 0,00142
Hydro phosphate 0,00005
Kalij 0,00093
Calcium 0,0744
Chloride 0,0011
Sulphate 0,0179
Hydrogen carbonate 0,3186
Iron 0,000026
Copper 0,000016