Face & body care

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Only the best for your body and face

Facial care will provide natural protection to your skin; it will cleanse it, restore its smoothness and balance, and also nourish it. The skin of the body also needs professional care and nourishing treatments with high-quality professional cosmetic products.

Our professionally trained cosmeticians will help you choose the best treatment for your body or face.

»La Vita« Quick facial (30 min.)
Short facial for problem skin.
»La Vita« Deluxe facial (60 min.)
A classic facial, which includes cleansing, a mask and a massage. It has a calming, cleansing and pampering effect. The facials are modified according to the season!
»La Vita« Prestige facial (90 min.)
A facial with antiaging and anti stress effects. Deep cleansing mask with an immediate lifting effect, a special relaxing massage technique for the face, neck and décolleté. Treat yourself to a pampering treatment!
Intensive peeling facial care (50 min.)
This facial care régime involves intensive peeling and moisturising at the same time, smoothing skin, reducing superficial inflammation and removing impurities from the depths of our pores. Its unique formula stimulates collagen production, which improves skin elasticity and firmness, even in deeper layers, evening skin tone, eliminating all visible dark blemishes resulting from sun exposure, and scars.
Golden facial care (110 min.)
Experience luxury on your face with this non-invasive revolutionary organic skin care régime, which ensures flawless appearance. These skin care products use the power of nature and are in perfect harmony with the most recent developments in cosmetic technology. Golden facial care uses an exceptionally rare form of bee venom, which will rejuvenate your skin, leaving it feeling comfortable; utilising special massage techniques, it helps reduce eye swelling, lifts double chins and, at the same time, offers a spiritual experience. Using various light techniques made possible by the 3D LED mask, we will eliminate irregularities such as acne, wrinkles, rosacea, pigmentation and toning.
Facial Acupressure Massage (30 min.)
Enjoy a relaxing massage that will relieve tension and restore youth and vitality to your face and neckline.
Eyebrow or Eyelash Treatment 15,00
Make-Up 30,00

*The service cannot be used separately, but only as a supplemental treatment to one of the other treatments.

Hand Treatment (40 min.)
Hand treatments with the use of powerful nourishing ingredients, which include exfoliation, nail shaping, a mask and a stimulating hand massage. Your skin will be nourished, rejuvenated and protected.
Nail Polish 15,00
Paraffin Hand Treatment
We offer a variety of masks for different needs.
Classical Pedicure 35,00
Medical Pedicure 45,00
Body Scrub (20 min.)
A gentle treatment for silky-smooth skin. The process removes dead and old skin cells.
Tonifying Body Treatment (60 min.)
A treatment aimed at transforming the body and noticeably reducing the appearance of dimpled skin and the orange peel effect. After treatment, the fat tissue is thinner, the structure of the subcutaneous tissue is improved, water retention and fatty deposits storage are reduced. The skin becomes firmer, smoother and visibly rejuvenated.
»La Vita« Detox (60 min.)
This divine body care régime includes salt, Mediterranean Sea algae and organic oil peeling; the oils selected according to individual client need, such as anti-cellulite treatment, skin firming, relaxation, and excess water and toxin drainage.
Facial hair removal 15,00
Depilation – legs, partial 20,00
Depilation – legs 30,00
Depilation – bikini 20,00
Depilation – brazilian 29,50

Price list is valid from 01.02.2018. Prices are in EUR and include V.A.T. We reserve the right to change the prices, the terms of payment and printing errors.