Vila Ružička


Villa Ružička


Distance: 1 km Normal walking time: 20 min

It was built in the year 1876 as a country villa with a beautiful park. It is single floored with a gallery, an arcade hallway, and a chapel. It got its name after a Romanian Jew emigrant Ružički, a splendid numismatic and archaeologist that bought the villa in the year 1913, and where his descendants resided until the Second World War.  Sadly, today it is falling into ruin, but it still retains its former beauty and prestige. It was proclaimed a monument to citizen and borough architecture as several other objects in Dobrna.

Path description

From in front of the Hotel Vita you make your way towards the centre of Dobrna where at the roundabout you turn left and continue up to the stone entry and through the ambitious park of Villa Ružička. In the park you can still see the mighty sycamore and wild chestnut trees, while at the end of the path you finally see the sadly desolate and dilapidating Villa Ružička.