Cerkev Sv. Miklavža


The church of Saint Nicholas


Distance: 2 km Normal walking time: 40 min

Its origin is late gothic, and it was first mentioned in the sources in the year 1567. Specialists estimated it even older, and placed it at the beginning of the 16th century.  The church has survived Turkish invasions and the Protestantism. Even from outside, the tombstone relief to the roman soldier Aurelio Victor of the second Italian legion from the third century, which is built in to its south side surprises us.
The renaissance statue of St. Nicholas from the 16th century in the belfry niche, the large altar in the presbytery from the first half of the 18th century, and no less the altar to St. Francis Ksaver from the year 1770 in the chapel painted with frescoes from the saint’s life, all surprise us. The third altar is from the previous century. The church has exceptionally beautiful baroque candlesticks and the crucifixion path in oil equipped with inscriptions in old Slovenian. The church of Saint Nicholas is the most beautiful cultural-artistic monument in the Dobrna countryside.  The roof, belfry, and the exterior were renovated in the year 1987.

Path description

From in front of the Hotel Vita you make your way towards the centre of Dobrna where at the roundabout you turn left and continue past the stone entry into the park of former Villa Ružička. On the bridge over the Dobrnica stream you already face a view of the church of Saint Nicholas. The way continues straight along the road, ascending slowly to the top, from were a view, of the Dobrna valley and the hills surrounding Socko and Vitanje, spreads out.