Kačji grad

Snake castle

Distance: 3 km Normal walking time: 40 min

From the remains of these ruins, only a very strong imagination can now conjure what castle life was like in what was the seat of the Dobrna County for centuries. It was built before the year 1257 on a hillock above the Lokovina settlement. The castle lords were changing in the castle until 1772 when an earthquake severely damaged it, and it became unsafe for occupation. Locally it is known as Kačji grad (Snake castle) after a former owner Matija Gačnik, who resided there in the 17th century.

Path description

From in front of the Hotel Vita you make your way towards the centre of Dobrna where at the roundabout you turn right and continue along the road past the restaurant 3glav and the bus stop, to the turning where you turn right in the direction of Lokovina. You continue along a slightly ascending asphalt road and on the third junction turn left. Before you a view on the nearby hillock is opened where the ruins of the once mighty ‘Snake castle’ stand. The asphalt road takes you as far as the bottom of the hill. Afterwards just follow the signs.