Marijina cerkev – Dobrna


Maria’s church – Dobrna


Distance: 250 m Normal walking time: 10 min

Today, this is the central sacral object of Dobrna, once it was the destination of pilgrims from near and far. It was built over the ruins of the old church in the year 1844, in the baroque style, which was still preserved in the countryside well into the first half of the previous century. The church vaults are covered in frescoes of Tomaž Fanton. While in the church three marble tombstones are preserved, among them as well the tombstones of Matija and Margaret Gačnik, descended form the Dobrna lords that are even today a symbol of the former bloom and value. The gilded statue of Maria’s assumption in the niche behind the large altar is from the year 1740, from the old church. Another interesting sight is the wing altar from the former castle chapel, and while it is not wholly an original work, it is decorated with original paintings of the saints from the 15th century.