Gozdna učna pot


Forest educational trail


Distance: 2,8 km Walking time: 1 h 45 min

In the not so distant past, there were many pristine patches of forest land that were unspoiled and virtually unchanged by man, many more than today.
The Drenovec area is one of these special “natural sanctuaries”. A new forest educational trail takes us through the wilderness of a canyon carved out by a torrent, with its waterfalls, picturesque rocky towers and inaccessible wooded slopes. While walking through the untouched nature, you can learn about its sustainable use, the unusual cultural heritage and visit the two- hundred-year-old Šumej farmhouse, which offers an insight into the traditional ways in which man and nature used
to coexist.

Additional Information: +386 31 406 686

Dobrna Municipality with partners: Terme Dobrna d.d., Youth Club Dobrna.