Graščina Dobrnica – Gutenek


Dobrnica mansion – Gutenek


Distance: 2,3 km Normal walking time: 25 min

It was built in the 17th century as a might yet simple mansion. It then changed several owners.  In the year 1851 it was sold to the count Franc Anton Kolovrat Liebstein, who reorganised it into a brewery, one of the oldest in Slovenia. Not far away, in a rocky sheer slope, he enlarged and changed a natural limestone cave into a cooler and beer storage.

Path description

From in front of the Hotel Vita you make your way towards the centre of Dobrna where at the roundabout you turn left and continue past the stone entry into the park of former Villa Ružička. At the bridge over the Dobrnica stream, you turn left and keep on the ‘Hudičev graben’. After 30 minutes at a moderate walking speed you will be greeted by the once mighty Dobrnica mansion.