Dobrna is the perfect starting point for cyclists. Whether you prefer cycling in the quiet, in the mountains, valleys, fields or on roads, this is the place for you.

Expect virtually unlimited destinations, from the stunning Savinja Valley with the Mozirje grove and the Logarska Valley to Lake Šmartinsko and the Celje Castle. There are truly numerous cycling options near Terme Dobrna.

Terme Dobrna - Paški Kozjak (difficulty level: III – approx. 14km)
Terme Dobrna - Rogla (difficulty level: IV – approx. 34km)
Terme Dobrna - Hunting cottage (Lovska koča) above Dobrna (difficulty level: II – 7km)
Terme Dobrna - Šmartinsko Lake – Fishing cottage (Ribiška koča) (difficulty level: I – 14km)
Terme Dobrna - Vitanje - Paški Kozjak (difficulty level: III – 20km)