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DNV certifikat

We have been awarded the DNV certificate by DNV, an international certification body, which defines standards in all areas of Medical Centre’s work, both the medical area and support processes. The certificate is an evidence of the support to the development and continuous improvement of the quality of health care and the safety of patients, and the general safety of employees, patients and other visitors at Terme Dobrna’s Medical Centre. The award of this certificate is a confirmation of the successful and well-managed work of Terme Dobrna’s Medical Centre. The certificate will further increase our good reputation in the European area.

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ECO Label Certificate

At Terme Dobrna we promote sustainable development by supporting the sustainable use of natural healing methods in spa treatments, and applying such methods professionally and in a responsible way, thus minimising our environmental nuisance.

Having implemented well-planned eco-activities and policies we have met the criteria and were in September 2013 awarded the Ecolabel for tourist accommodation services by the Slovenian Environment Agency.

Our investments in the use of renewable and natural energy sources, i.e. thermal waste water, the sun and wood mass, already account for more than 70% of the needed renewable energy resources. We have reduced our costs through planned waste separation and the rational use of water. Our tourist programmes include local tourist service providers as well as cultural events. Hiking, cycling and other activities in Dobrna’s stunning environment under Paški Kozjak supplement the sustainable development of green tourism. The area where our spa resort is located is considered Slovenia’s cultural heritage. At Terme Dobrna we will maintain and renovate it, when necessary, also in the future.

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Slovenia Green Accommodation

Terme Dobrna is working with providers who responded to Slovenian Tourist Board’s fourth national call to raise awareness of and promote efforts directed towards the promotion of the sustainable tourism development Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism - Slovenia Green. Currently, the Scheme includes 23 destinations, 20 providers and three parks, all of which have successfully obtained the Slovenia Green Label.

The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (GSST) is a comprehensive national system for the promotion of sustainable tourism development in Slovenia based on all the pillars of sustainable development, that is, the environmental, social and economic. The Scheme, under the auspices of the Slovenian Tourist Board, is intended for destinations, protected areas, tourist accommodation providers and tourist agencies alike.