About Terme Dobrna

Terme Dobrna is a modern and dynamic health resort and tourist centre. The health resort combines gifts of nature with contemporary medicine, which places it at the very top of Slovenian tourism.

Terme Dobrna’s famous tradition from the 15th century, climate and stunning natural environment, relaxation, quality care and services, friendliness and entertainment have attracted guests from around the world since the beginning.

Terme Dobrna has three natural healing factors approved by the Slovenian Ministry of Health: thermal water, mud (fango) and turf.

At Terme Dobrna we carry out rehabilitation spa treatments following standards 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 (chart).

Standard Diseases
Standard type 1 Inflammatory rheumatic diseases
Standard type 2 Degenerative soft tissue rheumatism
Standard type 3 Post-injury and post-op condition of the motor system with functional trauma
Standard type 4 Neurologic diseases, central and peripheral nervous system injuries and diseases, including cerebrovascular insults and neuromuscular diseases
Standard type 6 Gynaecologic diseases


Our mission is to ensure health and wellbeing for all generations by providing high-quality preventive care and expert services using natural healing methods and products.

Health is our guide and the generator of our development. By offering accommodation and relaxation in pristine nature and restoring harmony we help to improve our guests’ health. We use preventive care to help our guests to stay healthy, whereas rehabilitation and spa treatments have a curative effect.

Our successful work creates the foundation for the prosperity of our key stakeholders – guests, employees, business partners and owners.


We are a successful company, a modern and dynamic medical and tourist centre, which combines gifts of nature, tradition, hospitality, expertise and medical science.

We have a diagnostic and rehabilitation centre with top-quality experts in the field of gynaecology, urology, orthopaedics and neurology. We help men and women in all stages of fertility, and at the same time we protect them from the most common diseases of the civilisation. In the Central and East Europe we are known as the leading centre offering help with reproductive system disorders, infertility, and incontinence, and diagnostics in the field of gynaecological and urologic diseases in connection with oncology and neurologic conditions.

In terms of tourism we are the leading provider of sustainable tourism, specialised in couples and families with small children seeking peace, relaxation and healthy lifestyle in pristine nature, enjoying a variety of accommodation and gastronomic choices.